Hello there! 👋🏻 I am a 2D Artist, currently working as a portrait painter in Zaragoza, Spain. I graduated from the Norwich University of the Arts last year, and I would love to join an Animation Studio where I could use and further develop my digital 2D skills. Preferably in the UK or the European Union!

My style is clean and vivid; I love playing with textures and usually avoid using heavy line art if any. Other than the standard animator role, I enjoy taking part in the art team - maybe not as an art director just yet! - as I have a great passion for colour and the overall visual appearance of a piece.

If you are in the hunt of an enthusiastic, self-motivated, and hardworking digital artist, hit me up!
I work well both in a team environment as well as using my own initiative. I am also good at working under pressure and adhering to strict deadlines. Most importantly, I just recently graduated, and I am still a very malleable artist that is ready to integrate seamlessly into your team!