Journey: Graduate Film

Writer, Director, Animator & Editor

A minimal and pure 7-minute 2D animation filled with vibrant colours depicting the journey of a vulnerable yet resilient main character.

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Co-Director & Animator

A non-narrative piece which generates an immersive environment within Norwich Theatre Royal, which reflects and projects the ethos and spirit of the Glyndebourne Opera House.


Happy Places Anthology

Concept Artist & 2D Animator

Short and light-hearted hand-drawn animated sequence of a cuddly lovebird.

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Yaroslavl: Beginning of the Adventure

Assistant Animator

An experimental 2D animation scene made by a fellow animation student inspired by Finnish folk metal band Turisas and King Harald's Saga written by Snorri Sturluson.

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Director & Animator

There are a host of creatures living amongst us, just out of sight. I discovered one of these characters and showcased them. The aim was to integrate an animated character into the real world.

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Alter Dogo

Director & Animator

Two inanimate objects come to life and clash over their desire for a third (inanimate) object.

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Art Director & Animator

A Visual Essay detailing the behind the scenes look at the making of a chosen animated feature film production.