August 2020 - Present

Portrait Painter - Freelancer

I turn photographic portraits into traditional paintings for private use.

2019 & 2020

Volunteer Film Judge - Norwich Film Festival

I watched and reviewed a great number of short films for the annual Norwich Film Festival.

January 2020 - May 2020

Customer Assistant - Tesco

I prepared orders that were placed online; I acquired communication skills and the ability to work towards specific objectives and collective goals.



Norwich University of the Arts, Norwich, UK

Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Animation, 2020

Zaragoza Art School, Zaragoza, Spain

Spanish Arts Baccalaureate, 2017


Animation Projects

Journey: Graduate Film — in production 

A minimal and pure 7-minute 2D animation filled with vibrant colours depicting the journey of a vulnerable yet resilient main character.

Link to ‘work in progress’:

Lurker — in production 

A live-action short film about two siblings trying to survive the new post-apocalyptic world in which they must hide to avoid being killed or infected.
- Role: Storyboard Artist

Happy Places Anthology: Lovebird Sequence — Year 3 of University 

A short and light-hearted hand-drawn animated sequence of a cuddly lovebird.

- Roles: Concept Artist, Director and 2D Animator

Link to individual sequence:

Water — Year 3 of University 

An experimental 360 degree virtual reality CGI 3D short film about a curious diver.

- Roles: Screenwriter Assistant and Storyboard Artist

Link to ‘wip’ and final storyboard:

Chrysalis for the Norwich Theatre Royal — Year 2 of University

An animated short film, response to the immersive journey through the Glyndebourne opera house, in the language of visuals and emotions. This was a University Live Project.

- Roles: Co-Director and Animator

Link to short film:

Bambú — Year 2 of University

A short film that integrates an animated fantasy character into the real world.

Link to short film and some more:

Alter Dogo — Year 2 of University

A short film about two Inanimate objects that come to life.

Link to short film:

Ponyo: Behind the Scenes — Year 2 of University

An animated Visual Essay detailing the behind the curtains look at the making of 'Ponyo', our chosen animated feature film production.

- Roles: Animator and Editor

Link to individual sequence: 

Yaroslavl: Beginning of the Adventure — Year 1 of University

An experimental animated scene inspired by Finnish folk metal band Turisas and King Harald's Saga written by Snorri Sturluson.

- Role: Assistant Animator

Link to short film:

Tauromaquia — Year 1 of University

A visual narrative constructed on a panoramic format which draws inspiration from the skills and content gathered during previous sketchbook practice.

Link to visual narrative:

Mystery Box Sequence — Year 1 of University

A 3D animation exercise in which a robotic character reacts to the undisclosed contents inside of a mystery box and without touching.

Link to experimentation reel and final sequence:



2D Animation, 3D Animation, Storyboarding, Character Design.

Currently Learning: Matte Painting, Lighting Design, 3D Sculpting and Painting on 3D Models.


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, TVPaint, Maya (Arnold and RenderMan).

Currently Learning: Toon Boom, Nuke, ZBrush, Mudbox.

Substance Painter.


Native Spanish

Fluent English

Basic French & Italian

Learning: German,

Korean (Hangul)